Froemke Lab

The parent lab: Ioana, Rumi and Daniel worked in the Froemke Lab and we will continue to collaborate with Rob in the future.


CINETic Institute

The Laboratory for Cognitive Development and Applied Psychology through Immersive Experiences (LDCAPEI)

Our collaborators at CINETic in Bucharest help us translate our animal research findings to humans.


Abraira Lab

The Abraira Lab at Rutgers Keck Center studies touch circuits. Our labs will collaborate on understanding the emotional aspects of social touch. GOOSEBUMPS!!


D’Adamio Lab

Luciano D’Adamio Lab

The D’Adamio lab at Rutgers Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Research Center generated the NexGenMo rat models for AD. We are very excited to collaborate on understanding the role of oxytocin and social environment in preserving memory and learning abilities.


Cunningham Lab

Taiga Abe and John P. Cunningham form Columbia University are using their expertise in computational neuroscience to investigate the intricate behavior and neuronal activity during the social co-housing procedure, and to generate experimentally-testable predictions. The preliminary results are super exciting, stay posted!!


Doeller Lab


We are very excited to start a new collaboration with the CINETic Institute in Bucharest and the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, looking at the role of socially transmitted cognitive states in the care of Alzheimer’s disease patients (STAD project). This project, is funded by the EEA Norway grants:


Carcea Lab

Laboratory for social behavior and neuromodulation

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